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Rethinking the PhD in Clinical Psychology

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It is an interesting time for Clinical Psychology. A confluence of factors have led numerous people within the field of Clinical Psychology to rethink what it means to be a Clinical Psychologist, and how we should best educate and train Clinical Psychologists. Some of the factors include:

  • Persistence -- and likely worsening -- of mental health conditions, despite exponential growth in psychological science and science-based psychological practices
  • Dominance of master's level practitioners in mental health treatment, who account for anywhere between ~75-85% of all therapists
  • Recent development of an accreditation system for Health Service Psychology at the master's  level by the American Psychological Association
  • Recent call in the Journal of Clinical Child & Adolescent Psychology for clinical psychology to build systems that create an antiracist clinical science, as well as development of the CUDCP Commission, which is seeking recommendations for how CUDCP can address systemic racism and other forms of oppression and structural inequities in the United States. 
  • The creation of the Board of Educational Affairs (BEA)/Board of Professional Affairs (BPA) Task Force on Doctoral Competencies in Health Service Psychology, which provides an opportunity to not only update the competencies, but to rethink the competencies
  • Recent publication in Clinical Psychology: Science and Practice that challenges the status quo of the doctorate in Clinical Psychology 
  • The 2022 CUDCP Midwinter Meeting, which is themed "Examining the Status Quo: Challenges and Opportunities in Clinical Psychology"
Perhaps it is time to rethink education and training in Clinical Psychology. Perhaps you can be a part of that conversation! Join CUDCP, along with other members of the Coalition for the Advanced and Application of Psychological Science (CAAPS), in rethinking the doctorate in Clinical Psychology!

The CAAPS discussion forum is located HERE

Questions or problems engaging in the discussion? Contact CAAPS Secretary/Treasurer:

Please engage in creating the future of Clinical Psychology!

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