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Diversifying Clinical Psychology

The CUDCP Board recognizes the need to address systemic racism and other forms of oppression and structural inequities in the United States, including practices that might be knowingly and unknowingly perpetuated by the CUDCP Board or member programs. As one part of our effort to recognize and repair this harm, the CUDCP Board is creating a funded and independent Commission with the goal of developing specific and actionable recommendations for the CUDCP Board. Based on these recommendations, the CUDCP Board will work to dismantle the written and unwritten rules, policies, procedures, and practices that maintain personal, interpersonal, institutionalized, and cultural levels of oppression and hegemony as it relates to education and training in clinical psychology. 

Specifically, the CUDCP Board is forming a Commission that will help develop specific action steps, competencies, or other recommendations that CUDCP and its member programs can enact to continually strive towards the following distal outcomes: 

  1. Promote equity and fairness in the experience of all clinical psychology students (e.g., interpersonal interactions with faculty, staff, other students, and patients; instruction; clinical and research training; evaluation) 
  2. Contribute to a more representative clinical psychology workforce 
  3. Develop and maintain a culturally competent clinical psychology workforce 
The CUDCP Board is also interested in parallel outcomes for CUDCP as the organization -- and the CUDCP Board -- and therefore seeks action steps, competencies, and other recommendations that are specific to the organization’s operations. 

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