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CUDCP's Purpose

The purpose of the Council of University Directors of Clinical Psychology (“CUDCP”) is to promote the advancement of graduate education within the field of clinical psychology.  Consistent with this purpose, CUDCP member programs shall strive to train future clinical psychologists who promote human welfare, the growth of psychological science, and the professional practice of psychology.  CUDCP espouses graduate education that produces a clinical psychologist capable of functioning as a scientific investigator and as a practitioner, and may function as either or both, consistent with the highest standards of clinical psychology.

The field of clinical psychology involves research, teaching, and services to advance understanding, predicting, and alleviating intellectual, emotional, biological, psychological, social and behavioral maladjustment, disability and discomfort, applied to a wide range of client populations.  In theory, training, and practice, professionals involved in the field of clinical psychology strive to understand the roles of gender, culture, ethnicity, race, sexual orientation, disability, and other dimensions of diversity in people’s lives.

CUDCP promotes:

1.   The scientific basis of clinical psychology;

2.   Training in and use of assessment and intervention procedures that are empirically supported;

3.   Research regarding the validation of assessment and treatment techniques as well as any other research of interest to clinical psychologists;

4.   Training in the research methodology for developing and evaluating new assessment and intervention procedures;

5.   Dissemination of information, exchange of views, collection of data and facilitation of communication concerning education and training in clinical psychology;

6.   Participation in the formulation of policies concerning clinical psychology education and training;

7.   Representation of CUDCP programs within organizations relevant to graduate education in clinical psychology;

8.   Consultation in clinical psychology education and training to other scientific and professional organizations;

9.   Cooperation with other organizations concerned with clinical psychology; and

10. Other conduct as shall be in furtherance of CUDCP’s major purpose.

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